sabato 14 febbraio 2009

Sam's Hens Party!!!!

It was such a nice party! Sam was great and was able to"cope" with all the challenges we had for her!!!!

The Menù was a simple but tasty one:


Homemade tomato and garlic bruschette! Delicious!!!

The waiter, as you can see, was really very helpfull... and ...

First course:

Hand made tagliatelle with mushrooms and cream sauce!!! Really fantastic!
The teams: Limoncello and Bellissima had to ... make their own tagliatelle... and create a composition with them...

Incredible team work!!!!

Sam..., as The Perfect Wife, had to show us her ability in making her own tagliatelle ... by hand (No Machine aloud!!!)... of course she needed to show us all... how she will make "him" happy!!!

She was fantastic!!!

This was her composition:

These the other teams:

Second course:
Rolli polli skewers (small chicken and pancetta skewers)
And as desert we had... Tiramisù ... my way... and of course a composition!

Thank you girls! It was a great party!!!!!